William Shatner Got Banned From The Drama SubReddit

William Shatner is very active on social media and online generally. A quick glance at his Twitter feed shows that the Star Trek legend regularly interacts with fans and others and he's active on Reddit as well and now it turns out that that activity ended up in the Captain Kirk actor being unexpectedly banned from one of Reddit's communities.

On Twitter last week, Shatner revealed that he had just logged back into Reddit and discovered that the r/Drama sub had banned him, and he had no actual idea why. Check it out below.

"A funny Reddit story," Shatner wrote. "When I logged in today - I hadn't been on Reddit for many months (if at all this year) I found that last month r/Drama banned me. I'm sure some self-important mod there didn't like something I said here so they banned me...living up to their name!"

Fans quickly chimed in with their thoughts on things. Some pointed out that the sub had banned nearly the whole of the membership recently as a joke while others saw the humor in the situation. Another noted that Shatner has now been unbanned and even invited be a moderator himself.

Shatner, for his part, followed up the initial tweet with a few replies to fans noting that being banned from the sub didn't really bother him and that he didn't even remember joining the sub in the first place. He even later posted a screenshot of some of r/Drama's rules and noted that after looking at things, he was glad he was banned.

Even with the Reddit situation seemingly in a good place, Shatner appears to be most active on Twitter, posting multiple times a day and engaging with fans, followers, and others on a variety of topics. He's also known to have a little fun with Star Trek's rival franchise, Star Wars on the social media platform as well. Earlier this month when what appeared to be a Starfleet insignia was noticed in a photo of Mars' surface, Shatner took the opportunity to playfully talk a little trash on Twitter.

"Hey, Star Wars! Will you hurry up your Rebel Scums? We beat you!" Shatner wrote, tagging Star Wars' official account in the message and ultimately a humors little exchange between Shatner and Star Wars star Mark Hamill, who his himself active on Twitter.


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