Cut Star Wars 'Saturday Night Live' Skit Brings Casual Friday to the Death Star

Ahead of Donald Glover taking over the set of Studio 8 for tonight's episode of Saturday Night Live, the long-running sketch comedy show just released an older clip that was cut for time, skewering the Star Wars saga.

The new clip features host Charlie Sheen and cast members Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, and Chris Katan in a segment where the Emperor has instituted Casual Friday on the Death Star. Check it out in the clip above!

The segment starts with an Imperial officer, played by Sheen, chastising some of his subordinates for their choice in casual wear. But they are quickly interrupted by a surprise appearance from Darth Vader, complete in a floral print shirt that the others can't help but laugh at.

Vader controls his temper for the most part, slipping and resorting to a Force choke, until Princess Leia (played by Fey) enters the picture and immediately starts zinging her dad.

The closing crawl reveals the Rebel leader's comments were enough to dismantle the dastardly plan, but the Emperor still has an ace up his sleeve — a Secret Santa gift exchange.

The skit is pretty funny, although it does drag on in quite a few places. It's also dated for the times with an obtuse and tacky joke, which is pretty much par for the course when it comes to Sheen's comedy stylings.

Hopefully SNL steps it up and delivers something more in line with their classic Star Wars audition tapes or J.J. Abrams new movie announcement for Glover's hosting duties, timed to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story. We're sure there are going to be plenty of skits focusing on his role in the galaxy far, far away, so get ready to see Lando Calrissian cut loose with some jokes.


Given Glover's penchant for comedy, as a stand-up comic and an experienced sketch creator with Derrick Comedy, we're excited to see what tonight's episode brings.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC.