Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Rumored to Be Honoring Holiday Special's Life Day

As summer begins to subside, guests at various Disney amusement parks notice a change to its typical decor, as the parks begin to embrace the iconography of Halloween before embracing the winter holidays, with a new rumor claiming that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attractions could embrace canonical holidays, which would include Life Day, as seen in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. While the holiday may have first debuted in that TV special, Life Day has since been embraced in various other corners of Star Wars mythology, though, if true, it would be one of the biggest embraces of a corner of the saga that Lucasfilm has most attempted to avoid.

The rumor comes from WDW Today News, who note that, in addition to Life Day being celebrated at the time the rest of the park celebrates its holiday overhaul in November, that the Batuuan Harvest Festival would be celebrated in Galaxy's Edge alongside Halloween events, and that Black Spire Day would be celebrated on May 4th. All three of these holidays are referenced in the book Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Traveler’s Guide to Batuu, so while there's no timeline revealed alongside the possibility of embracing these festivities, their inclusion in the book could confirm the parks' plans to offer even more reasons to visit the attraction.

The Holiday Special only aired once, back in 1978, with Lucasfilm and George Lucas himself largely doing their best to erase its existence from history, as it was mainly an attempt to cash in on the success of the series while serving largely as a generic variety show. Due to its bizarre nature and the formerly difficult task of witnessing the event, a growing subset of fans began embracing its kitsch value and honored the Holiday Special in a number of ways. This includes the writers of Solo: A Star Wars Story finding ways to include Easter egg references to the special, while The Mandalorian has also drawn inspiration from the event.

Despite this rumor surely exciting fans, the current coronavirus is only one of many factors complicating the timeline of when such festivities could be held. While Walt Disney World Resort has begun reopening with protocols aiming to ensure the safety of guests, the rising number of coronavirus cases in California has made Disneyland's reopening earn an indefinite hiatus. The impact of the pandemic is so severe that it would seem unlikely the annual Halloween or holiday events at either park would move forward as expected.


Stay tuned for details on Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

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