Star Wars: Bizarre The Mandalorian Stand Replaces Baby Yoda's Head With Echo Dot

baby yoda echo dot
(Photo: Lucasfilm/OtterBox)

Perhaps your Amazon Echo Dot sits in your kitchen, a handy timer for cooking or answering the phone while your hands are covered in loose blue milk. There's a possibility that it sits in your bedroom and wakes you up every morning as you prepare to head to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters. Further still is the possibility that your Echo Dot is on the same shelf, or very near, your various Star Wars collectibles. It sticks out since it is not officially a Star Wars product but perhaps passes as tech from that galaxy far, far away enoughy that it kind of works. Worry not though, a new accessory will make your Dot fit right in with your Star Wars merch, or make it stand out in your other domestic locations.

OtterBox has revealed an officially licensed stand for Amazon Echo Dots, running just twenty five credits and arriving on Amazon on August 20. Pre-orders are live here on Amazon now, and if you need an Echo Dot, note that Amazon is running a 99 cent promotion on them with 2 months of Music Unlimited. This stand will fit third generation Echo Dots and gives them all a tiny collar and ears that allows it the appearance of The Child aka Baby Yoda from Disney+'s The Mandalorian. Now you too can recreate the iconic moment from the first episode of the show as a pair of tiny green ears stick out of a pod and we learn about the existence of this magnificent beast, but this time while a miniature speaker plays the musical cue by composer Ludwig Göransson.

The official description for the product doesn't address things like Baby Yoda's actual name, his place in the second season of the Disney+ series, but does note that it's the "cutest bounty in the galaxy, an instant conversation starter." This descriptor no doubt is reflective of Baby Yoda proper as well since Pedro Pascal's Din Djarin starts many conversations about him throughout the first season. This makes its appropriateness in selling you this product while also using the likeness of The Child as something even the Light and Dark side could agree on. The line "Designed to delight the whole family" also appears in the copy on the product, which is something easily labeled across all Disney licensed merch.

As you may recall there was famously not a lot of Baby Yoda merchandise when the series first premiered since series creator Jon Favreau wanted to preserve the secret of the character's existence and its place in the story. In the time since Disney and its various licensees have delivered toys, shirts, statues, kitchen appliances, and now smart speaker holders featuring the likeness of the character; this all just eight months after the series arrived. We can only imagine what sort of Baby Yoda themed merchandise will be released this time next year following the arrival of The Mandalorian season two, which remains on track to debut in October of this year despite the coronavirus pandemic.


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