New Star Wars: The Mandalorian Poster Reveals Timothy Olyphant's Cobb Vanth

The Mandalorian season premiere introduced a new character to the Star Wars universe - and now [...]

The Mandalorian season premiere introduced a new character to the Star Wars universe - and now he's getting the spotlight in his own poster! Timothy Olyphant's Cobb Vanth graces his own Mandalorian season 2 character poster - decked-out in the iconic Boba Fett armor that he scored from some Jawas. "The Marshall" of Tatooine's Mos Pelgo settlement has quickly become a Star Wars fan-favorite - as clearly evidenced by Olyphant's name trending on social media throughout The Mandalorian season 2 premiere's debut weekend. Needless to say, fans are going to be glad to see Olyphant getting his own poster - for a variety of good reasons!

Star Wars Mandalorian Timoyth Olyphant Cobb Vanth Poster
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WARNING SPOILERS For The Mandalorian season 2 Premiere Follow!

Star Wars have reason to be extra excited about this Cobb Vanth poster being released as part of The Mandalorian season 2 set. First of all, it gives us a look at Timothy Olyphant suited up as a Star Wars character - which in perfect step with his lawman image from shows like Justified and Deadwood. Secondly (and more importantly), if Disney is investing the time and effort into giving Cobb Vanth a one-sheet, you can bet he's probably going to show up in The Mandalorian (and possibly the larger Star Wars franchise) again. It's a safe bet that most fans would agree that "This is the way."

If you (somehow) didn't watch The Mandalorian, "Chapter 9: The Marshall" sees Mando and The Child head to Tatooine following a tip that there was another Mandalorian seen on the planet. As it turned out, that "Mandalorian" was Cobb Vanth (Olyphant), who maintained order in the Mos Pelgo settlement using Boba Fett's armor and weaponry. Mando was honor-bound to get the armor back for his tribe, but instead of battling Cobb in a Western-style shootout, the two honorable warriors united for a bigger battle: protecting Mos Pelgo from the horrific Krayt Dragon beast.

Unfortunately, the people of Mos Pelgo aren't enough to take on the dragon by themselves - they must form an alliance with their hated enemy, the Tusken raiders. It takes Mando's influence to convince Cobb Vanth to put old grudges aside, and become the wiser leader his people need. Together, the Tuskens and Mos Pelgo (with a big dose of help from Mando) kill the dragon and bring a little peace to a small part of Tatooine's savage desert lands.

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