Star Wars: Mark Hamill Helps Settle Debate About Infamous Luke Skywalker Meme

The Star Wars saga has inspired countless memes, with actor Mark Hamill himself often sharing them [...]

The Star Wars saga has inspired countless memes, with actor Mark Hamill himself often sharing them on his various social media pages. One image, in particular, has become so widespread that, when sharing the meme, Hamill had to ask his followers if it was an actual image from the original Star Wars or if it was a behind-the-scenes photo, with users clarifying it wasn't a frame from the film.

Check it out below:

The meme depicts Hamill as Skywalker looking at the lightsaber that Obi-Wan Kenobi has just given him, with the dangerous end pointed directly at his face, with the caption, "Handed the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy, immediately point at face." Hamill then posited, "Can someone who has seen this recently tell me if it's just an on-set production still or did it actually happen in the movie?" while using the hashtag #ShortTermMemoryLoss.

Many users informed the actor that it was a set photo, yet others couldn't help but joke about the other explanations for the photo. One user claimed the photo depicted a "flashlight test" that Skywalker's many siblings before him failed, while another shared a meme depicting what would happen if Luke had ignited the lightsaber in the key moment.

Other followers, however, hoped to hold out on giving the actor an official answer until he offered up any details about Star Wars: Episode IX. It would only make sense for his followers to troll Hamill with the information, as he's playfully taunted fans about the new film for months.

Earlier this month, the actor tweeted the generic message regarding spoilers, "What's the title? When's the trailer? Are you Rey's father? Are you dead-a Force Ghost or did you project off Ahch-To? Will you haunt Kylo? Visit Leia/Lando? Flashbacks? 3rd Lesson? Is Chewie vegan now? My all-purpose response-Nein Nine Answers." He also added the hashtags #NOLeaks and #MouthWideShut while including a GIF of him saying, "If I leaked something they'd cut off my head and throw it right in my face."

Previously, the actor shared an image from Futurama that had a joke about the saga, adding, "Disappointed there was no Star Wars trailer shown during the Super Bowl? Agonizing over how long you'll have to wait until they drop the title? RELAX nerds! Futurama predicted it years ago & we all know: Cartoons. Never. Lie. EXCLUSIVE BREAKING 'NEWS': Episode IX: Yoda's Bar Mitzvah."

Fans are sure to get more memes out of Hamill as we get closer to the release of Star Wars: Episode IX on December 20th.

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