Martin Freeman Confirms He Was in Talks for a Star Wars Role

Two of the biggest franchises in the world currently are Star Wars and Marvel, with many [...]

Two of the biggest franchises in the world currently are Star Wars and Marvel, with many performers portraying roles in both films. During a recent interview, Black Panther star Martin Freeman was asked if he'd be interested in joining the Star Wars saga, teasing that he had previously been in talks to join the universe, which clearly fell flat.

"Well, of course, of course I might be," Freeman responded when asked by Joe if he'd been interested in a Star Wars film or if he had been involved in any discussions. "No, not directly, no. Indirectly, yeah. I had a chat with the folks a few years ago, but no, it's been at the right thing. There are other British actors that they preferred to me."

The Star Wars saga has a long history of hiring British actors, as a majority of the movies have been filmed in London, England. Freeman gave his response while sitting next to his Black Panther co-star Andy Serkis, who played Supreme Leader Snoke in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, so it's unclear if the actor was merely teasing Serkis about his role in the franchise.

Freeman might not have scored a Star Wars role, but his career in the MCU is already promising.

The actor debuted as Everett Ross in Captain America: Civil War as a CIA agent tasked with interrogating the Winter Soldier. The character might not have enjoyed much screen time, but his introduction allowed him to play a more prominent role in Black Panther.

His character's allegiances in Civil War were quite clear, but with Black Panther, there's much more ambiguity.

"I think there's enough ambiguity there for him to be either and both," Freeman shared with during a set visit. "I think the position that he's in, like, he works for the CIA, he works for the world's only superpower, so like, an undiscovered African country that has all these goodies in it could easily be, 'Oh good that's payday.' Or that could be something that he wants to respect, I guess, and I'll just have to lay the tips in there."

You can see Black Panther in theaters this Friday.

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