Star Wars: Kylo Ren Wasn't Snoke's Only Apprentice

Heading into The Force Awakens, fans knew that Kylo Ren would be the major Sith antagonist, while watching the movie unfold alerted us to the fact that Supreme Leader Snoke helped him reject the identity of Ben Solo and embrace his inner darkness. In a new visual companion magazine for The Last Jedi, a description of Snoke alerts us that Snoke has had more than one apprentice, positing that another Sith could be somewhere in the galaxy.

According to the magazine, "Force sensitive, and highly attuned to the dark side but not a sith, Snoke has trained Kylo Ren and at least one other apprentice."

***WARNING: Spoilers below for The Last Jedi***

This information opens up a world of possibilities for the future of the Sith, with no one theory proving to be more plausible than another.

In The Last Jedi, we saw the moment Ben Solo turned on Luke Skywalker and burned down Luke's Jedi facility, which Ben escaped with other students of Luke. These students who turned their backs on the Jedi became known as "The Knights of Ren," tasked with carrying out Snoke's most deadly of commands.

It's possible that Snoke sensed potential in another one of the Knights of Ren and chose to focus on them over Kylo, which may not have panned out.

Another possibility is that Snoke had apprentices before Kylo, given his seeming old age, with the fates of those apprentices being up for debate.

The biggest debate would be over whether or not any of Snoke's former apprentices were alive and if they still adhered to the ways of the Sith or potentially learned the error of their ways and embraced Jedi teachings.

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Visual Dictionary, details about Snoke's background confirm that the last true Sith Lord was Darth Vader.

"Snoke is powerful in the dark side of the Force, but he is not Sith," the book clarifies. "That thousand-year lineage stretching from Darth Bane to the last Sith Lord, Darth Vader, was undone when Vader died destroying his mentor, Darth Sidious. The fulfillment of an ancient prophecy foretold the end of the Sith, but it never predicted the end of darkness."

With Snoke now out of the picture and Kylo Ren taking the title of the Supreme Leader, the fate of the Sith is unknown heading towards Episode IX.

The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

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