Star Wars: The Mandalorian Star Katee Sackhoff Was Told Luke Skywalker Cameo Was Actually Plo Koon

One of the most buzzworthy moments in television last year definitely came courtesy of Star Wars: [...]

One of the most buzzworthy moments in television last year definitely came courtesy of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, as the Season 2 finale absolutely exceeded fans' expectations. In particular, the episode's surprise cameo from Luke Skywalker, who arrived by fighting off a horde of Deathtroopers and offering to take Grogu to train at his new Jedi academy. The moment definitely surprised fans — and apparently, even some of the cast, as they were seemingly convinced while filming that the cameo was another character altogether. While appearing in a recent charity livestream with Star Wars Explained, Bo-Katan Kryze actress Katee Sackhoff revealed that she had initially been told that the character was none other than prequel trilogy fan-favorite Plo Koon.

"That's who we thought that it was at the end of [The Mandalorian Season 2 finale.] That's who we thought it was, was Plo Koon," Sack That's who we were told it was, and I'm a very gullible person. When somebody tries to tell me something, I say 'Okay.'"

While Plo Koon did seemingly die during Revenge of the Sith, audiences only ever saw his ship being shot down, which has made some wonder in the years since if the Jedi could potentially still exist within the Star Wars universe. Still, the notion that the cast members of The Mandalorian were led to believe that Plo was really the Jedi behind the finale's big moment is definitely endearing — but makes sense, considering how tight-lipped the cast and crew were before Season 2 premiered.

"It was very tricky because it's very hard to keep a secret nowadays, especially with Star Wars, because people are so curious about it," showrunner Jon Favreau told Good Morning America in an interview late last year. "There are so many people involved with the process, with visual effects finishing, making it, filming it, the studios, everything."

"We were so scared right up until it aired that our surprise cameo was going to leak too," Favreau added. "But we started off the whole series with the Baby Yoda reveal, with the Grogu reveal, that was a secret that everybody was really blown away by. Part of that is not telling too many people, not having merchandise that's being tooled up and announced and that kind of thing."

What do you think of Katee Sackhoff's behind-the-scenes detail about The Mandalorian's Season 2 finale? Do you wish Plo Koon could return in the Star Wars universe? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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