'V For Vendetta' May Be Getting A Live-Action TV Series

It has been more than a decade since V for Vendetta’s live-action movie debuted, but the industry may not be done with the graphic novel just yet. According to a new report, it looks like a TV series is being developed for the acclaimed series.

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston wrote up a scoop he claims to have learned about V for Vendetta. The reporter says the site has “confirmed with industry sources” that Britain’s Channel 4 is developing a live-action series based on V for Vendetta.

There’s no confirmation about the series from either DC, Warner Bros., or Channel 4 about the series. However, fans do seem intrigued by the adaptation’s prospects.

If you are not familiar with Channel 4, the network houses several well-known series. The broadcaster developed shows like Humans, Black Mirror, Misfits, and more. The UK’s lax censorship laws would also allow V for Vendetta to show more than a U.S. adaptation would on basic cable, and the series would need that explicit allowance.

V for Vendetta fans know the franchise can be brutal at times. The live-action film got a hard R-rating thanks to its violent, profanity, and terrifying imagery. The series takes place in a dystopian version of the UK following a post-apocalyptic event. With the fascist Norsefire party in control of the federal government, concentration camps have been erected to control the police state. The series itself follows the acts of V, a violent anarchist who wants to start a revolution and entice the public into anarchy. V touts his theatrical revolution whilst training up a young predecessor, Evey Hammond, to see his mission through.

V for Vendetta is a critically acclaimed story, and a well-done adaptation could make the series one of TV’s most popular titles. The franchise’s live-action film was received positively, but its concentrated runtime forced the film to narrow its scope. A full-blown TV adaptation would give V for Vendetta more time to stretch its pacing, so here’s to hoping there is some truth behind this new report.

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