This Artist Rendition of Adventure Time's Finn in Real Life Is Terrifying

Adventure Time brought fans an animated world quite unlike anything they'd seen before, and it looks like that has some slightly-bizarre side effects. A piece from artist Miguel Vasquez has recently gone viral once again, which showcases what Adventure Time's Finn the Human would look like in the "real world". The photorealistic take on the character - which still keeps the same out-of-the-box proportions that he does on the show - is both impressive and a little terrifying.

The piece has gotten quite a lot of attention amongst fans of the show, similarly to Vasquez's previous so-accurate-it's-upsetting takes on Homer Simpson and Spongebob and Patrick.

While Adventure Time may have wrapped up last fall, fans are still pretty content with how the story came to a close.

"A lot of that was directly pitched by [writer] Steve Wolfhard," executive producer Adam Muto said in an interview last September. "He had this massive headcanon of the Ooo 1000 world. In 'Graybles 1000,' you see Marceline’s house covered in Christmas lights, but you don’t see inside. I’m pretty sure Steve knew who was inside. He’s been pitching these sketches of these future versions of these characters for years now."

"There are little nuggets in the [finale] intro to show you what the [future] world is like: You see the Pup Kingdom, you see Gibbon, you see some characters who were only in one scene in Season 8." Muto continued. "The crumbs are there for fans to put together."


And for those who can't get enough of Adventure Time (or just want to wash out the mental image of Vasquez's take on Finn), the series is continuing to live on in several tie-in comics, including the recently-concluded Adventure Time: Marcy and Simon miniseries.

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