Adam Sandler And Jimmy Fallon Debut "Don't Touch Grandma" Coronavirus Song

Adam Sandler is famous for creating songs like The Chanukah Song, The Thanksgiving Song, and all the songs he created while he was Opera Man on SNL. Now you can add a new one to the list, courtesy of a new team-up with The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon. The duo premiered a brand new song on the latest episode titled Don't Touch Grandma, a song that describes the importance of keeping grandmothers isolated and safe from the coronavirus in a humorous way. We've put the full lyrics for the song below, which list out the all-important new Grandma rules to follow.

You can also watch the duo perform the new song themselves in the video above. Here are the lyrics.

I love my Grandma so much, I know she loves me too.
But thanks to this stupid virus, there are some new Grandma rules.
Don't touch Grandma, leave her alone
You can spend a quarter to call her on the phone,
Because Grandmas like to pinch your cheeks and kiss your hand and hug, but I don't want my Grandma catching any superbug
So don't touch Grandma, keep it to Zoom,
or learn to play Canasta from across the room,
Grandmas want to knit you sweaters and to bake you cookies,
But you must tell your Grandma no touchy, just lookie,
Don't touch Grandma, give her some space,
Even if your Grandma wants to go to second base,
And when this is over, you and she can play,
But for now, still can smell the Grandma smell from 6 feet away.


As you can see in the video, the late night shows are keeping things virtual at the moment, doing their shows from home and setting up impromptu sets. Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Conan O'Brien, Seth Meyers, and James Corden are all doing their best to get shows up and adapt and still put out fun content, and so far they're doing a pretty good job of it.

We've also seen this in other programming as well, including Last Week Tonight, as John Oliver has been doing his show free of an audience, though it seems to be in a more studio setting than some of the other shows. WWE also recently put on WrestleMania in their Performance Center, and again, the two-night event was free of a crowd.