Adam Scott Reveals Severance 2 Will Start Filming Pretty Soon

Severance left audiences shellshocked with its seismic season finale. The science fiction psychological thriller introduced fans to Lumon Industries, a fairly paint-by-numbers corporate company complete with the usual 9-5 desk jobs. That said, a career within Lumon came with a twist: work and personal lives were completely separate. Employees that join Lumon's severed floor undergo a procedure called "severance," which splits their mind into work and personal memories. While this procedure is marketed as a luxury, a way to truly keep business away from home, the nine-episode first season tugs on the thread that alludes to darker truths about the company.

Speaking to SiriusXM, star Adam Scott revealed that the cast and crew are gearing up for Season 2's production.

"Yeah, we're getting ready and, and are gonna start here, here pretty soon," Scott said. "And so it's all starting to come together. [I'm] trying to think if, if, if I can say anything more or if a tranquilizer dart will come in from off-screen.

Scott plays Mark Scout, a worker within Lumon's macro-data refinement division. Season 1 is largely focused on his story, which is built around the grief he feels in the aftermath of his wife's death. Severance's debut run concludes with the reveal that Mark's wife, Gemma, is still alive and is a severed employee herself, working as Lumon's wellness counselor.

Alongside Mark is Zach Cherry's Dylan George, Britt Lower's Helly Riggs, and John Turturro's Irving Bailiff, all who work on the severed floor. As Mark was unraveling truths about his unsevered life, his co-workers were simultaneously discovering things about their personal lives. 

"I'm so glad that people were as tortured by this cliffhanger as they were, because when we were shooting the, that last sort of party scene, as well as the stuff with John [Turturro] and Britt [Lower]'s cliffhanger, and Zach [Cherry]'s, it was all sort of like, 'Okay, like if they're with us nine episodes in, This is gonna be great,'" Scott continued. "But you never know how that house of cards is. If it's gonna work and if the audience is going to care that far in. And, and so the best case scenario sort of ended up happening and people have been really cool about keeping up with the show and being really into it. So by the time those, those big cliffhangers happened, it, it, it really did click into place and work. And we're all just so grateful."

The first season of Severance is available to stream in full on Apple TV+.