Eric Andre Says New Season Had More Police Called on Him Than Ever

The Eric Andre Show's new season set a record for how many times the police could be called on him and his creative team. In a sit-down with Rolling Stone, the comedian spilled on how this group of episodes unfolded. He's his trademark charismatic self during the conversation. (That includes doing whippets multiple times over the course of their talk!) Still, the idea that the first prank of the entire season happened to get them into trouble with the cops more than any other moment in the show's history is both hysterical and probably pretty scary for everyone involved. If you think that description is wild, take a look at what Andre had to say down below!

"The very first prank we shot in New York/New Jersey we had more New Jersey cops called on us than [at any point in] the entire history of the show," the comedian began. "We informed the police department and worked with them beforehand, but this department was so unorganized and corrupt that I almost got shot. It was a bit where I was beating the shit out of a fake cop that looked real." 

"Well, maybe not beating the shit out of him, but he was passed out and I was shoving donuts in his mouth. They almost shut down the whole production. It was the very first prank we were shooting, and we had to shoot 40 more pranks," Andre continued. "The cop called it in and said, 'Man down,' and that apparently overrides everything. More emergency vehicles got called on us this season than any other season. We typically shoot the studio stuff in L.A. and the field stuff in New York or New Jersey. We go to Newark sometimes."

Eric Andre Shows Returns For Season Six

Adult Swim dropped an official description of the new season ahead of the big premiere: "Invoking the tantric swag of sex god EROS, season six is guaranteed to be the most high-octane, stone cold, no holds barred, mind-blowing, emotionally mature late night show in the history of mankind. Eric is back behind the desk like never before; ripped, shredded, full of energy, complete with beads of sweat dripping down from his taut nips onto his glistening six pack abs. Watch pampered celebrities regret their choices, rappers get the runaround, and a slate of street pranks so egregious they collectively inspired a record 30 phone calls to 911. Co-hosts include Felipe Esparza, Reese W, Krft Punk, and the mysterious (but soon-to-be iconic) FRIDGE KEEPER."

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