Agents of SHIELD Star Praises Rian Johnson’s Looper

The final season of Agents of SHIELD has seen the team time travel to the 1930s, 1950s, 1970s, and 1980s, which has been a whole lot of fun for fans. Naturally, this arc has brought up about discussions of time travel movies, with some of the Agents of SHIELD cast sharing their favorites. Recently, Jeff Ward (Deke Shaw) had a chat with Looper, and the site's name sparked a conversation about one of the best time travel movies of the last decade: Rian Johnson's Looper.

“I just have to tell you, I've said a couple of times in other interviews that I love time travel. I've always wanted to ask you guys, because one of my favorites is Looper, is that where you guys got your name? Were you inspired by that at all? What is the 'Looper' in your website?,” Ward asked.

When the site's interviewer, Christopher Gates, admitted he wasn’t sure, Ward explained, “It's one of my favorite uses of time travel. That scene, it haunts me in my dreams forever, the Paul Dano scene, when he's crawling towards his younger self and his body parts are continually removed. That is one of the most brilliant uses of time travel I've ever seen."

Ward added, "It's always been a favorite time travel story of mine, and I've been talking about time travel so much with Agents of SHIELD. I've cited Looper several times because it was something that I thought about a lot while we were filming, all my favorite time travel stuff, we've been constantly talking about, and that one always came up, so I was excited to talk to you."

You hear that, Rian Johnson? Cast Jeff Ward in your next film! We could definitely see him fitting into the next Benoit Blanc mystery.

You can read the official description for upcoming Agents of SHIELD series final here: "With their backs against the wall and Nathaniel and Sibyl edging ever closer to eliminating S.H.I.E.L.D. from the history books, the agents must rely on their strengths to outsmart and outlast the Chronicoms. This is their most important fight, and it will take the help of friends and teammates, past and present, to survive.”


There are still many questions to be answered in the final episodes ranging from "Where is Fitz?" and "Is Fitz even alive?" to "Is SHIELD gone for good in the new timeline?" and "Will the team ever make it back to their original timeline?" Fans are eager to learn how things will play out for the team, and whether or nor their favorite characters will get a happy ending.

Agents of SHIELD's two-part series finale begins on Wednesday, August 12th, at 9 PM ET on ABC.