Amphibia: This Is Us' Ron Cephas Jones Guest Stars as Scarred Toad Captain in New Clip

In case you weren't already aware, Amphibia Season 2 has been airing new episodes every Saturday on Disney Channel of late, and this coming Saturday is no exception -- and it should be a big one. In addition to Anne and Marcy exploring a new temple, Sasha and Grime will take on a quest to earn the support of the Toad High Council. The latter includes three big guest stars in the form of This Is Us' Ron Cephas Jones as Captain Aldo, Aisling Bea as Captain Beatrix, and Daisuke Tsuji as Captain Bufo. You can check out an exclusive clip of the episode above, and Amphibia creator Matt Braly was gracious enough to answer a couple of questions about the upcoming episode as well!

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(Photo: Disney) Can you talk about the guest stars in this episode and their specific roles – Ron Cephas Jones, Aisling Bea, and Daisuke Tsuji? What did they each bring to the table when voicing these characters?

Matt Braly: Introducing these three big characters (Aldo, Bufo, Beatrix) is very exciting for us. It gives viewers a lot of insight as to how society is structured in Amphibia and that Grime's role in season one was only a small part of a much bigger picture. It was important in casting these three "toad lords" that they feel like they had traveled far and were from three distinct regions. The talent behind these three characters only makes their presence more impressive. Ron Cephas Jones brought a wonderfully ancient and crackly texture to Aldo - who is the oldest and wisest of the three. Aisling Bea brought her trademark humor and irreverent attitude to Beatrix, who I think a lot of fans will be delighted to learn is related to Grime. Lastly, Daisuke brought an authentic steely edge to Bufo, which makes him feel like he stepped out of a classic Kurosawa film. We're all big fans of Daisuke's work in the PlayStation game Ghost of Tsushima and were very pleased to have him join us. All three of them make Amphibia feel like a much bigger place than we have seen up until this point and the performances of all three actors are fantastic.

What can fans expect from this new episode?

What's fun about this new episode is that it features Anne and Sasha's quests running parallel to each other. They have very different goals and are making progress in ways that will inevitably lead them into conflict. That anticipation is something the episode really runs with. There is also a giant creature in the second episode that is probably one of my favorite Amphibia beasts to date - the fearsome narwhal worm. The narwhal worm's design was directly inspired by the mythical Thai snake "Nak" or "Naga." It has a very distinctive horn.


Amphibia Season 2 is currently airing on Disney Channel. The new episode "The Second Temple/Barrel's Warhammer" in which Ron Cephas Jones guest stars as Captain Aldo in the second part is set to air this coming Saturday, April 10th, at 9:30am ET. Amphibia was previously renewed for a third season. You can check out our previous coverage of Amphibia right here.


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