Big Shot Star John Stamos Has a Giant Dumbo in His House

John Stamos is not necessarily someone fans associate with Disney, but the actor has a long history with the company. Stamos is best known for playing Uncle Jesse in Full House, which was a series that aired on ABC, which is owned by Disney. Now, the actor is starring in his own Disney+ series, Big Shot. The first episode premiered on the streaming service this week and followed Stamos as a big-time college basketball coach named Marvyn Korn who is forced into coaching a girl's high school team after getting fired. Yesterday, Stamos took to Instagram to share a picture of his young castmates visiting his house for a premiere watch party. Based on Stamos' home decor, it appears he's more than just a Disney employee... he's also a fan! In fact, he's got a GIANT statue of Dumbo.

"Me, the SIRENS and Dumbo at my house for a screening of @bigshotseries," Stamos wrote. You can view the photo in the post below:

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Stamos is seen in the photo with all of the main players from Korn's basketball team. Recently, had a chance to chat will all of the young women seen in the photo, and some of them shared what it was like working with Stamos. Sophia Mitri Schloss plays Korn's daughter, Emma, so we asked if she prepared by watching some old episodes of Full House.

"I went back and watched some Full House and it's so fun to see him, like his whole evolution through his career, because he's done so much and he's so experienced. So it was amazing to be a scene partner with him," Schloss shared.

We also spoke with Tiana Le, who plays Destiny in the series, and she shared a fun story about Stamos stealing a golf cart on set.

"Well, I mean John's such a goober, he's such a great guy," Le revealed. "The only real experience with that fun side of him that we had was when he literally stole a golf cart after the first table read, and we like ran around, well not ran, we drove around a lot, like all five of us on this one little tiny thing. And so kind of only seeing that side, and doing that scene with him was, it was super interesting because we went into it."


You can watch our chat with Big Shot's Monique Green, Sophia Mitri Schloss, and Nell Verlaque at the top of the page. You can also view our interviews with Cricket Wampler, Tiana Le, and Tisha Custodio here, our chat with Yvette Nicole brown here, and Jessalyn Gilsig here.

Big Shot's first episode is now streaming on Disney+.