Bojack Horseman’s Creator Reveals Process Behind Selecting Final Season Emmy Submission

Bojack Horseman's creator revealed how the team goes about selecting the final season episode for Emmy consideration. It feels like a couple of years have passed since the finale of the Netflix original aired. Since then, a host of other wonderful television shows have aired and ended. But, a lot of animation fans still have a soft spot for the anthropomorphic talking horse. Raphael Bob-Waksberg helped steer the former 90s TV show star's story home. He told Collider about those last moments in Hollywood and the topic of the harrowing "View From Halfway Down" came up a bunch of times. When it comes to the final half of Bojack's last season, the episode is one that people just can't shake. That would make it an obvious choice.

The creator began, "I mean, when the episode dropped, it became clear that this is really the big episode that everyone is talking about. I think we have a very strong season at 16 episodes. I think we have a lot of fabulous episodes in the bunch, but it felt like this episode is really the culmination of a lot of what the show was both thematically and story-wise about, and it kind of felt like everything was building to this moment."

"It's the climax of the whole show, even though it's, in some ways, a very atypical episode. But I think by being an atypical episode, it actually makes it a typical episode," he continued. "A lot of BoJack is made up of atypical episodes. That's one of our strong suits I think, is how we play those. I don't remember a lot of debate around it. It felt like it made sense as the episode to submit."

"You can look at it and say well, "This doesn't feature any of our main characters except for BoJack and a little bit of Diane," and yeah, it's all in BoJack's head, but we have a lot of episodes like that that are these one-offs that feel like a piece of the rest of the show but also their own thing," Bob-Waksberg recalled.

"So I think in some ways it actually makes a strong case for the show that we do stuff like this, and we do stuff like this with regularity, he added. "It's not like every episode follows the same format, and then all of a sudden six seasons in we did this wild episode like this. I say out of every season, almost half of them feel this ambitious or atypical in some way."

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