Bridgerton Designers Explain Colin's Season 3 Transformation

Colin levels up in Season 3 of Bridgerton

Bridgerton Season 3 sees Colin Bridgerton step into being a full adult. The Netflix series' costume designer John Glaser and hair and makeup designer Erika Ökvist told TVInsider how they managed to age up our male lead for this season. Bridgerton has had the subplot of Colin and Penelope Featherington bubbling below the surface for a couple of years now. However, Season 3 is poised to give them that sweeping romantic moment in front of the entire ton. To achieve that dashing effect for Luke Newtton's character, the designers opted to show off his newly "heroic" proportion and fashion him some new clothes to really drive the point home.

"Well, first of all, John switched him up, and he also comes with incredible bone structure," Ökvist explained. "I mean, those cheekbones, that really square jawline, and his eyebrows are almost like seagull wings. If you look up any kind of cartoon hero picture, it's pretty much him. In Seasons 1 and 2 we used soft and round shapes on him so he feels younger."

(Photo: Netflix)

The costume designer would also reveal how Colin's wardrobe influences this maturation process. "They're dark, there's no ruffles, there are open shirts, it's a hard collar," Glaser mused. "Everything is a hard, masculine shape. Also, we've said that he himself has matured. He actually has lost the roundness and became very angular, so we had to follow suit."

Season 3 Brings Pen To The Center Of The Floor

(Photo: Netflix)

There has been so much buildup to Penelope's big moment and even the stars can't wait to see it all unfold. Adjoa Andoh talked to about the glow-up for Nicola Coughlan's heroine this season. For her, the 'wallflower' to most-desired storyline is just splendid. She's hoping that the fans enjoy watching it all happen as much as she did.

"I love the fact that Penelope, as Lady Whistledown, has this avatar that is sharp and sees everything," Andoh said. "[She's] cutting, waspish, funny, wise, and everyone pays attention to her. But in real life, nobody pays attention to Penelope. They expect Penelope is going to be the daughter that stays at home and looks after a mother in her old age."

The star would add, "There's something about her as the sort of the wallflower, the one that doesn't get picked out at the disco. That I know from my own personal experience, and I know for lots of people. You're always the kid who was slightly on the sidelines who wasn't necessarily invited to all the parties."

"I think there's an element of this season where the wallflower comes off the wall and stands in her glory, and the sun shines on her," Andoh recalled. "I think for those people who felt that they weren't the centre of attention, there'll be something lovely in watching the journey of that character through this season."

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