Community Star Danny Pudi Believes the Movie Is Going to Happen

"Six Seasons and a Movie" has become the mantra of every Community fan around the world. The popular sitcom was on the verge of cancellation every single year when it was on TV, but the cast and crew kept fighting hard to bring it back for another season. Those involved starting saying they were going to keep going until they were given six seasons and a feature film, and the fans have adopted the notion in the years since. Community got its six seasons, but the movie is still to come. However, with the series now gaining even more popularity on Netflix, the film finally seems to be picking up steam.

While there hasn't yet been an official announcement regarding a Community movie, all of the cast members are more positive than ever before that it will actually get made. recently spoke to actor Danny Pudi, known for playing the scene-stealing Abed on the series, and we asked him what he thought the chances were that the movie would see the light of day.

"Better today than it was yesterday," Pudi told us. "You know what? It's funny, because we've all been texting this week. I was talking to Gillian [Jacobs] yesterday, I was on Ken [Jeong] and Joel [McHale]'s podcast the other day, I texted with [director] Justin Lin recently about all this, because everyone's been re-watching it again."

"It's just fun to see that joy return," he continued. "It's been a while, but so many of the people have gone on and have done amazing things since then. But we're all connected to this little world. We're all connected to Greendale, this little show that somehow managed to get six seasons done. I think it will always hold a special place in our hearts. I believe [the movie] will happen. I don't know when, but I believe it'll happen."

To Pudi, the question of the Community movie isn't really an "if," but more of a "how." With a show filled with as many running themes and ongoing bits as Community, how do you narrow it all down to tell one feature story?


"I think most of us have been thinking more and more fondly of it, especially as the days have gone by," Pudi added. "I just think it would be so fun. We just have to figure out, what are we going to do? Is it going to be paintball? Is it going to be a giant blanket fort? Is it going to be, I don't know, a different space bus? Who knows? The show went to so many crazy places. I think the challenging part would be, how are we going to make this a movie now?"

Community really is a one-of-a-kind series, and the film could go in just about any direction possible. No matter what happens, it sounds like the cast is on board, and so are the fans.