Dexter Complete Series Streaming on New Platform

All eight seasons of Dexter are now on Netflix.

For fans of Dexter, Wednesday, June 19th is a good day. All eight seasons of the Showtime series are now streaming on Netflix. That means that all 96 episodes of the original series run are available to stream on the platform now — though it is worth noting that this does not include the series revival, Dexter: New Blood. That series, which was quietly cancelled after just one season, is not available on Netflix at this time.

Debuting in 2006, Dexter was based on Jeff Lindsay's Dexter novel series. The series starred Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan and also featured Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas, Luna Lauren Velez, C.S. Lee, Desmond Harrington, and James Remar. The series followed Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department who also happens to be a serial killer who hunts down and kills those who have not been adequately punished by the legal system. The series ran for eight seasons and concluded in 2013.

A revival series, Dexter: New Blood, debuted in 2021 on Showtime. That series saw Hall return as Dexter and was set ten years after the events of the original series finale. The series ended after just one season with Showtime going on to develop a new prequel series, Dexter: Original Sin. Dexter: Original Sin will go back to Miami 1991 where a young Dexter Morgan first learned the ropes of becoming a serial killer. The prequel is set to start Christian Slater as Harry Morgan, Patrick Gibson as Dexter Morgan, and Molly Brown as Debra Morgan. James Martinez, Christina Millian, and Alex Shimizu will also star.

Will Michael C. Hall Appear in the Dexter Prequel?

While it doesn't appear that Hall will appear in the Dexter prequel, the actor has said that he is open to appearing in spinoffs.

"I do not think it would be a good idea for me to play a young Dexter at this point [laughs]," Hall said last year of playing Dexter in a prequel series. "I think that ship sailed even before we started shooting the show, but I'm open to the possibility of being involved. It's all kind of theoretical at this point, but I'm curious to see what they come up with."

He added, ""I've learned to never say never, but I feel like any further exploration of the world of Dexter is probably gonna happen on TV screen, though they make movie things for TV,"

All eight seasons of Dexter are now streaming on Netflix.