Dexter's Future Being "Actively Worked On" at Showtime

Earlier this year, Showtime brought notorious television serial killer Dexter Morgan and his Dark Passenger to their final destination with the finale of Dexter: New Blood, but the story may be far from over. In 2021, Showtime premiered a 10-episode revival of Dexter titled Dexter: New Blood. The series finds The Bay Harbor Butcher living under a new identity in a small, frozen town in upstate New York nearly a decade after the events of the original series. After going a decade without a kill, he relapses and his long-lost son shows up at his doorstep to make matters all the more complicated. The show was believed to be the end of Dexter, given he meets his fate in the final episode, but Showtime thinks there's potential for more.

As spotted by DexterDaily, Chairman and CEO of Showtime Networks David Nevins told The Hollywood Reporter that he's "actively working on" the future of the Dexter franchise. According to Dissecting Dexter on Twitter, Nevins also told Sky News that Showtime viewed Dexter: New Blood as a "rebirth of the franchise", suggesting there's more to come. As of right now, it's unclear what that looks like or if it's even a sure-fire thing that will make it to air, but it seems Showtime is eager to keep the momentum rolling on its marquee series.

"There are a lot of things that I am working on," Nevins told The Hollywood Reporter. "I don't want to mention things until they are ready. There are a lot of things. What is the future the Dexter franchise? I am actively working on that."  

Dexter star Michael C. Hall noted he'll "never say never" when it comes to playing Dexter Morgan again, but stated he's not contractually obligated to return and feels satisfied with the ending the character got. After the series concluded, Dexter: New Blood showrunner Clyde Phillips stated he believed the series was Showtime's number one asset and would happily do a spin-off centered around Dexter's son, Harrison. Showtime also saw major success with the revival, as Dexter: New Blood was Showtime's most streamed show of all-time as of January 2022.

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