Disney+ Gift Subscription Cards Are Now Available Online

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(Photo: Disney)

If you thought it would be a good idea to give a Disney+ subscription as a holiday gift, you aren't alone. Disney put a ton of effort (and even more money) into the Disney+ launch, but they failed to offer an option to purchase subscriptions as a gift outside of Disney Parks or Disney Stores. Today, that changed.

Disney has launched an online portal where you can order a digital Disney+ Gift Subscription Card that's good for 1 Year of Disney+ at $69.99. Disney notes that they will email the gift to a recipient of your choice on a day of your choice with instructions on how to redeem. However, there is one big caveat - the gift subscriptions are valid only for new Disney+ customers in the U.S. - which is disappointing.

Disney+ has been massively popular since it launched in November, and shows like Star Wars: The Mandalorian combined with Disney classics, Marvel blockbusters, and an affordable $6.99 monthly subscription price have kept people on board. One would imagine that the gift of a full year on the service would be well received for these fans, so this is a bit of a head scratcher.


Still, this option is far better than what was previously required to give Disney+ as a gift. Hopefully, Disney will improve the online Gift Subscription Card service before Christmas for anyone looking for a fun last minute gift.

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