Doctor Who: Doom's Day Announced for 60th Anniversary, Teaser Released

On Monday, the BBC announced Doctor Who: Doom's Day, a new Doctor Who story celebrating the television show's 60th anniversary. Doctor Who: Doom's Day is a multimedia event spanning comics, novels, and audiobooks, similar to Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious, but with each partner's story standing alone. The premise facilitates this, as Doom, the universe's greatest assassin, played by Sooz Kempner, has 24 hours to live. She'll spend that day searching for the Doctor, trying to find him before literal Death catches up to her. However, for each of those hours, she'll also be assigned a new target from the Lower Order of Oberon.

The BBC also released a teaser featuring Kempner as Doom explaining her situation. You can watch the teaser below.

Doctor Who: Doom's Day in 2023

"Doom's Day is a huge new adventure for the whole Doctor Who universe – starring the brilliant and hilarious Sooz Kempner as an intergalactic assassin," says returning Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies in a press release. "Her adventures will span comics, audio, a novel, video games stories and more, expanding the world of Doctor Who into brand new territories. Beware the Doom's Day, it's coming for us all."

Kempner adds, "To be part of the Doctor Who universe, a British institution up there with cups of tea and James Bond, is surreal and amazing! I love everything about Doom and can't believe I get to travel across time and space with her."

Doctor Who 60th Anniversary

Doctor Who Magazine, Titan Comics, Penguin Random House, East Side Games, Big Finish, and BBC Audio are all involved in Doctor Who: Doom's Day, with each company telling a standalone story, set during Doom's 24 hours. The Doctor Who: Doom's Day kickoff and finale will show on Doctor Who's digital channels. Big Finish already has its Doctor Who: Doom's Day set up for pre-order and set for a September release.

Big Finish previously announced its Doctor Who 60th Anniversary audio event, Once and Future, which features multiple past Doctor Who starsDoctor Who will return to television with three 60th anniversary specials in November 2023 starring David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor and Catherine Tate as returning companion Donna Noble. The Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials will be the first Doctor Who stories to stream internationally on Disney+ as part of a new deal between Disney Branded Television and the BBC.