Netflix's Sense8, Babylon 5 Creator In Contact With BBC Over Doctor Who Showrunner Job

An American sci-fi writer is trying to become the first non-British Doctor Who showrunner. J. [...]

An American sci-fi writer is trying to become the first non-British Doctor Who showrunner. J. Michael Straczynski is known for creating Babylon 5, co-creating Sense8, and writing comics starring Superman, Spider-Man, Thor, and the Fantastic Four. For his next gig, he'd like to conceive of the Doctor's next adventures. With Chris Chibnall on and Jodie Whittaker on their ways out, Doctor Who will be heading into a new era after 2022's series of specials. Straczynski says on Twitter that his agent contacted the BBC to convey his interest in the showrunner position. Straczynski says a whole process needs to take place first, but after that, who knows?

"Contact with the BBC has been made," Straczynski tweeted. "They're going through their own process, which began before my tweet, and that has to run its course, but if those don't pan out and there's a discussion to be had, they will reach out. Very courteous, so we'll see where their process leads."

Chibnall, previously a Doctor Who writer during Russell T. Davies' time as showrunner, returned to Doctor Who in 2017 as Whittaker become the first woman to play the Doctor. In a statement released to announce his exit, Chibnall says three seasons was always the plan.

"Jodie and I made a 'three series and out' pact with each other at the start of this once-in-a-lifetime blast," he said. "So now our shift is done, and we're handing back the TARDIS keys. Jodie's magnificent, iconic Doctor has exceeded all our high expectations. She's been the gold standard leading actor, shouldering the responsibility of being the first female Doctor with style, strength, warmth, generosity and humour. She captured the public imagination and continues to inspire adoration around the world, as well as from everyone on the production. I can't imagine working with a more inspiring Doctor – so I'm not going to!

"For me, leading this exceptional team has been unrivalled creative fun, and one of the great joys of my career. I'm so proud of the people we've worked with and the stories we've told. To finish our time on the show with an additional Special, after the pandemic changed and challenged our production plans, is a lovely bonus. It's great that the climax of the Thirteenth Doctor's story will be at the heart(s) of the BBC's centenary celebrations. I wish our successors - whoever the BBC and BBC Studios choose - as much fun as we've had. They're in for a treat!"

Do you think J. Michael Straczynski should take over Doctor Who? Let us know in the comments. Doctor Who season 13 will debut later this year. The entire modern series is streaming now on HBO Max. You can get caught up with our Doctor Who streaming binge guide.