Doom Patrol’s Joivan Wade on Exploring Cyborg’s Human Side

On Doom Patrol, one of the major elements of the series is that each of the team's misfit 'heroes' [...]

On Doom Patrol, one of the major elements of the series is that each of the team's misfit "heroes" has their own challenges and traumas to work through, issues that despite their powers make them a bit more human than perhaps what one might expect. That includes Vic Stone/Cyborg, a character who is in many ways defined by his enhancements and "Cyborg" side. But on Doom Patrol which returns for its second season this week on DC Universe and will also air on the newly launched HBO Max as well, viewers get to see much more of Vic's human side, something series star Joivan Wade says is the most exciting thing about playing the iconic character.

Speaking with Portland, Oregon's KATU, Wade said that getting to explore the human side of Cyborg -- the Vic Stone side -- is what he loves about playing the character, as well as getting to play such a significant black superhero.

"For me, what's really exciting about my character is a few things," Wade said. "I think first and foremost is the ability to be within a superhero world but still be able to deal with so many character flaws and really explore that and having Vic Stone at the forefront. Vic has Cyborg, which is his superhero persona and I think, not just specifically this character but the show really explores the human side of Cyborg, the Vic Stone side, and it's a dream to be able to build into that and also just for me personally to play such an iconic black superhero is a dream for me."

The human side of Cyborg, that Vic stone side, is one that we may get to see quite a bit more of in the upcoming second season, too. Earlier this year it was announced that NCIS: New Orleans alum Karen Obilom would be joining the Doom Patrol cast as Roni Evers, a military veteran that Vic meets while attending a PTSD support group. The character is believed to be a gender bent version of Ron Evers, a character in comics that was significant in Vic's story -- a friend who had unfortunately fallen into a life of crime.

Fans will get to see more of how Doom Patrol approaches Vic/Cyborg soon. The series returns on Thursday, July 25th, airing on both DC Universe and HBO Max.

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