Final Space Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Show Inspired by Cancelled Adult Swim Hit

The Warner Brothers and Discovery merger resulted in many cuts and cancellations, with Adult Swim's Final Space being one of the casualties. Despite ending on one of the show's biggest cliffhangers, Warners canceled the series after airing its final Season Three episode in 2021. Final Space creator Olan Rogers has spent the past year trying to get a final go at telling the last Final Space story regardless of medium, but the filmmaker says he's reached a dead end.

Wednesday, the writer launched a crowdfunding campaign for Godspeed, an animated short he says is born out of the unused ideas of Final Space. You see, the writer has no rights to Final Space and its characters, so Godspeed can't be a sequel or spinoff, even though it dons the same name as the main Final Space protagonist.

According to the campaign page, Rogers is hoping to make an animated sci-fi short with the funds he can use to pitch around. Call it a spiritual successor, if you will.

"This is a sci-fi animated short, taking the six plus years of experience from hungry Final Space alum to make something truly jaw-dropping," Rogers writes on the campaign. "We never got to show the world what we could really do; we were always stopped short, whether it be because of budget or notes. Now the goal of this project is to not only make a short animated film but to document the journey into a six-episode making animation series, documenting the entire process of developing, writing, boarding, animating, and even pitching."

In addition to the short itself, Rogers will also be releasing a behind-the-scenes docuseries looking at the creation of the short, taking the filmmaker back to his roots as a YouTuber content creator.

As of this, the Kickstarter campaign has already reached its funding goal, netting $187,000 in funds against the campaign goal of $80,000. The campaign runs for just under three weeks, ending on July 4th at 7:00 a.m. Central time.

All three seasons of Final Space are now streaming on HBO Max.

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