Funko Launches 'Married With Children' Pop Figures

Funko has finally delivered on a series of Pop figures based on the classic '90s sitcom Married [...]


Funko has finally delivered on a series of Pop figures based on the classic '90s sitcom Married With Children!

The collection includes Al Bundy holding a TV remote with his hand tucked into his pants (aka relaxation mode) and Peg Bundy with a 1-in-6 chase rarity featuring a different outfit. Naturally, there's also Kelly and Bud, the latter of which is sporting a sweet mullet and '90s sweater combo. You can pre-order the entire standard lineup of Married With Children Pop figures right here with shipping slated for October.

This wave includes only one exclusive Pop — a version of Al Bundy that's reliving his high school football days. It will be available at Target in November.

Clearly, Funko is saving Buck the dog as the big draw for a second wave, along with Marcy D'Arcy, Steve Rhoades, and Jefferson. Presumably, we won't be seeing a Seven Funko Pop figure anytime soon.

Now that Married With Children Funko Pops have been announced, we can move on to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Pop lineup, which is long overdue. Rumor has it that Funko will remedy this problem before the end of the year. Hopefully a Carlton dance Pop will be part of it. Fingers crossed.


Speaking of classic television Funko Pop figures, Michael Knight and his talking Pontiac Firebird Trans Am named KITT recently got the Pop Ride treatment. The Knight Rider figure features David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, airing out his giant head through KITT's sunroof.

I only wish you could press down the license plate and hear William Daniels / Mr. Feeny's soothing voice like the Kenner toy did back in the day. Still, this Pop figure is pretty awesome, and you can order one for your collection right here. The figure sold out quickly when it was first launched, but you can still backorder one for the next shipment.

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