Game of Thrones: Arya Stark Is Loving Life After the Battle of Winterfell

WARNING - This Article Contains Major SPOILERS!

Game of Thrones has aired its epic Battle of Winterfell episode, "The Long Night", and that pivotal battle for the fate of Westeros threw some major twists into the mix, the biggest being the fact that Arya Stark took out the Night King with a Valyrian Steel dagger to the gut. Arya wasn't the hero that many predicted to end the Great War of Westeros, and in the preview for the following episode, we see just how enjoys life after staring the kind of death himself in the face.

Obviously there's little time for Arya Stark (or anybody else at Winterfell) to kick back and celebrate too much. With the Great War now over, there's still the final war of Game of Thrones to fight: After all, the North still remembers how Cersei Lannister abandoned the call to stand against The Night King, and left them all to die. However, while we clearly see the forces of Winterfell re-gathering themselves for the next fight, we also get a brief look (:18) at Arya taking a moment to enjoy a moment loving on her new lover, Gendry!

Yes, Arya and Gendry look to be getting hot and heavy in this scene from the next Game of Thrones, confirming that what happened between the pair on the eve of the Battle of Winterfell wasn't just an "it's end of the world" fling: Gendry is Arya's man, and they will be acknowledging and celebrating that fact, now that they've both survived some impossible odds.

The big finale of "The Long Night" has drastically altered fans' expectations for where Arya Stark could end up by the end of Game of Thrones. The Iron Throne is looking like a much more attainable goal for young lady Stark, but the question is whether or not Arya is the type of queen who ever needs a king. The fate of Arya's direwolf, Nymeria, hints at a thematic line in which Ayra becomes a truly free spirit, and leader of her own pack - which doesn't sound at all like the sort of ending in which she's hanging on Gendry's am. Then again, within the context that Game of Thornes has built up over the course of its run, it would be a "twist" to see Arya actually embrace the sort of life of a royal lady that she spurned so much when she was younger.

With only three episodes left, we'll find out the answer soon enough.

Game of Thrones final episodes are airing on HBO Sundays at 9/8c.



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