HBO Max Off to a Slow Start for Mobile App Customers

HBO Max is off to a slow start with mobile app customers. Estimates for the day one downloads of WarnerMedia’s latest foray into on-demand streaming sit at 90,000 users. Those figures from SensorTower and Bloomberg paint a stark picture when contrasted against newly launched services like Disney+ and even Quibi. The Walt Disney Corporation’s platform managed to entice 4 million mobile users when it launched last November. For Quibi, 300,000 downloaded the short-form focused app when it debuted in April. So, it would appear that HBO Max has some ground to make up in that regard. WarnerMedia chief executive officer Jason Kilar has faith in their product though.

“This is a unique platform in many ways, including the way it is distributed,” he told Bloomberg in a statement. “I’ve seen this movie before and am so excited as we begin down this path engaging viewers globally with our unmatched shows and rich library.”

When taking in these numbers, it is important to note that all of the services are tailored differently for their audiences. Something like Quibi costs $5/month while offering a 90-day free trial. Verizon really helped out Disney+’s numbers by offering their 19 million subscribers a free year of Disney’s service when it went online. That platform usually costs about $7/month regularly. SensorTower’s data on HBO Max is not complete yet, because it only focuses on mobile-app downloads. There are sure to be customers who have downloaded it to the streaming devices of their choice. Even more telling are the scores of users who got a login with their cable tv service.

Another set of consumers not represented in the data set are people who pre-ordered a year of HBO Max at $12/month. Those users downloaded the app early and don’t figure into this particular grouping. So, WarnerMedia is quick to point out the inconsistencies. With all that said, more Americans are watching content on their phones than ever. Any of these streaming platforms will have to focus on winning over consumers there as that will be the place where a lot of people engage with their product. The fight isn’t over by any stretch, but on mobile, HBO Max has some ground to make up.

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