Infinity Train Debuts New Book 4 Clip (Exclusive)

HBO Max delivered an exclusive look at Infinity Train Book 4 today. The upcoming salvo of episodes is coming to the platform soon. Fans can’t wait to learn more about the protagonists for this Book, Min-Gi, and Ryan. As you can see from the clip above, they are friends that have grown up together and rolled down different paths. Ryan is still chasing his childhood dream of being a rock star and playing New York City. But, Min-Gi is looking at a more traditional route of going to college and is currently manager of their local diner. The pair ends up stumbling onto the train together, a first for the series and hijinks ensue. (This clip gives fans a great read into their friendship dynamic with just a few short minutes.) After that trip through a portal, it’s hard to say where the journey is going to spiral out, but chances are that it will be memorable for everyone involved.

Series creator Owen Dennis is just hoping that the fans can enjoy this last ride on the Infinity Train together. He wrote on Twitter, “While this wasn't the intended final season of Infinity Train, it is a self-contained story, and will add to the history and lore of the show like each season before it has. Everyone worked super hard on it, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Each season of Infinity Train has been a very different experience and tone than the one that came before it. We went into this one with the intent of trying a slightly different direction with the show, and I think it will come as a pleasant surprise to most fans.”

Cartoon Network and HBO Max dropped an official synopsis for Book 4:

Min-Gi and Ryan are childhood best friends who dream of performing in a band and traveling across Canada, together. After a sudden falling out splits them apart, both find themselves aboard the mysterious Infinity Train. Lost and confused, they meet Kez, a free-spirited concierge bell, who accompanies them on their journey. As tensions rise and old wounds come to light, both Min-Gi and Ryan must decide if they can work together or else risk losing themselves forever aboard the Infinity Train.

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