Jeopardy Producer Plans to Take Action Against James Holzhauer’s Loss Footage Leaker

It was one of the most exciting runs in recent Jeopardy! history. Professional sports gambler James Holzhauer had won 32 consecutive games of Jeopardy! earing almost $2.5 million in total winnings with Holzhauer poised to overtake Ken Jennings' all-time record of $2.52 million. All fans had to do was wait until Monday to see how it all came together but on Sunday, footage of the episode leaked online and revealed stunning disappointment: Holzhauer lost to Chicago area librarian Emma Boettcher. Now, whoever leaked that loss footage may find themselves in a very different type of jeopardy.

According to The Washington Post, Jeopardy! executive producer Harry Friedman plans to take action against whoever leaked the footage, explaining that the leak didn't benefit anyone.

"I feel bad for the viewers," Friedman said. "It's not fair. I'm not sure what's gained by doing something like that, other than some malicious intent. It doesn't really benefit anybody."

As noted above, the leaked footage appeared online on Sunday and reveals the "Final Jeopardy!" outcome that shows Holzhauer's loss to Boettcher. Boettcher had dominated the entire game, but ultimately won due to solid strategy in "Final Jeopardy!" by betting big while Holzhauer played it safe with a smaller bet. Both contestants answered the question -- in the form of a question -- correctly, but it was the bet that made all the difference. Friedman explained that by the time they found out about the clip being leaked, it had already racked up 2,000 views on YouTube and had spread to other social media sites. He also said that they have an idea of how it happened.

"We think we know where and who and how," he said, adding that "very, very, very appropriate" action will be taken against the responsible party.

However, while the leak of the stunning conclusion of Holzhauer's run is one that those behind the show are taking very seriously, Friedman was grateful that nothing had leaked prior to Sunday.

"We were pleased and surprised that nothing leaked out before this past weekend," Friedman said. "I think that speaks for the respect that people in the studio audience have for the show. That part of it was very much appreciated."

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