Jeremy Renner Shares "Violent" Mayor of Kingstown Stunts

Jeremy Renner was surprised that he made it through some of the "violent" Mayor of Kingstown stunts.

Jeremy Renner's Mayor of Kingstown is finally back and the star was surprised he could complete some of the "violent" stunts. People Magazine caught up with the Avenger to talk about Mayor of Kingstown Season 3. During an exclusive conversation, Renner revealed that it was a little daunting getting back on the horse after that terrifying snowplow accident. "I wasn't sure I was gonna be capable of it, but in the first episode, we were surprised," the Marvel star remembered. "No injuries." That's really all you can hope for after literally breaking 30 bones that day near his house. But, Paramount+ is getting ready to roll out Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 and debuted a new featurette to give fans a peek behind the curtain. Take a look down below!

People Magazine also talked to show creator Hugh Dillon about being reunited with his series star after everything that's happened in the past few years. It's a relief to be back on-set for everyone involved. "We just went through the strike and everything, [I] went through an accident. It's nice to get the gang back together," Dillon recalled. "From where Jeremy was, to where we are now, and watching what he does — it's a joy to be part of that. [Seeing] Jeremy Renner do his own stunts? You should watch it for that alone."

What's Up For Season 3?


Jeremy Renner stars in Mayor of Kingstown.

- Paramount+) had the chance to interview Dillon a couple of months ago. During our conversation, the Mayor of Kingstown creator explained how turbulent the last year and change has been. So much has occurred between the strikes and Renner's accident. But, through it all, the entire crew was only concerned with their friend's health. The fact that they will still complete this season is just an added bonus.

"It was the biggest relief it was such a rollercoaster because when I got the news I wanted to fly out and find him and see him," Mayor of Kingstown co-creator and star Hugh Dillon told earlier this year. "Then he sent me a video the next day, the biggest relief in my life, because it was so funny and profane and I was just like, okay, he's gonna come back. He's just so funny. He's like a brother to me. It's like, you know, we've worked on this show for two years. This is my show I created with Taylor Sheridan and he's [Renner] just unstoppable. He's an exceptional talent and the crew loves him. The cast loves him. I love him, and it was, and my world stopped. I just want him to recover and then to get the video and, hey, you know, just profanity, profanity. You know, it just made me laugh and cry at the same time and I just thank God he's okay and he's, you know, on the road to recovery."

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