Kevin Smith Wanted to Cast David Dastmalchian in His Spawn Spinoff Sam & Twitch Show

For a brief time, filmmaker Kevin Smith was going to dip his toes into television by bringing Todd McFarlane's Sam & Twitch characters into a series. Development continued on the series until it quietly just went away but speaking with ComicBook.Com Smith has revealed new details about 'what might have been' for the series, including who the writer/director said he'd like to fit into one of the titular roles while confirming that his TV show was always going to be separate from McFarlane's planned rebooted movie, saying: "His Twitch in the movie is a famous person and our Twitch would have been either a newcomer or in my heart it was David Dastmalchian, that's who I wanted as Twitch."

For those that may not recall, another MCU vet in Jeremy Renner remains attached to the new Spawn movie to play Twitch. As Smith notes, the two would have been two separate continuities, adding: "(Todd) was building the Spawn movie and saying that he was using Twitch in Spawn the movie as well but like these things could co-exist, and we were like 'Hey man, we understand. There are DC Movies and there are DC TV shows.'"

Smith went on to talk about what happened with the series and why it didn't move forward, saying: "We were meant to be the show that took over when Orphan Black finished. We weren't gonna be as good as Orphan Black, but when Orphan Black's run was done the next show they wanted to stick into the slot was going to be, perhaps, Sam & Twitch, and then BBC cut their budgets."

The filmmaker went on to say that the rights seemingly reverted to Todd who now appears to be taking Sam & Twitch out into the world in a different way without Smith's involvement (McFarlane confirmed to that he had been having meetings very recently about speaking with interested properties about it as a series). Smith also shared an interesting anecdote about how the series almost came to life before from a very unlikely place.

"I came into that because BBC had licensed it. The woman who was running BBC had worked at Dick Wolf's one point Dick Wolf wanted to do a Sam & Twitch show. Dick Wolf as we know does Law & Order and Chicago this and that, but no cmic book stuff, so I was like 'WOW!'"


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