Legends of Tomorrow's Maisie Richardson-Sellers Loved Working With the Actresses Cast as The Fates

DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns tonight, and their mission: to find and assemble the remaining pieces of the Loom of Fate, an ancient and cosmic artifact capable of reweaving the very fabric of reality and previously operated by The Fates, a trio of ancient and powerful women -- one of whom, as it turns out, is Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). She has been on the run from her sisters for centuries since she destroyed the loom and left humanity to its own devices rather than the whims of the Fates -- but her strategy turned out to have a more limited shelf life than she had hoped.

You see, Charlie had scattered the pieces of the Loom throughout the multiverse, meaning that when the Anti-Monitor attacked reality and the multiverse was reborn as a universe, the pieces became significantly easier to find. That means that Charlie's sisters are hot on her heels -- and John Constantine has a fix: destroy the Loom once and for all with his help. Of course, to get it, Charlie needs to help him rewrite reality to suit his needs (and those of Astra Logue, who has been stranded in Hell for decades thanks to John's greatest failure).

During a recent chat with ComicBook.com, Richardson-Sellers stopped short of telling us any specifics about the Fates, or the actresses who play them, but teased that she was excited to explore the mythology and thrilled by the casting.

"I knew about the Greek mythology that it comes from anyway. So I just thought, this is so cool to have the opportunity to delve into actual real mythology," Richardson-Sellers told ComicBook.com. "I think also I was like, who's going to play these people? Because they're such powerful, powerful figures. And the actors that they found are fantastic. So it was just really fun to be able to have these ancient, ancient beings, literally thousands and thousands of years old, with two incredible women. So it was exciting. It's always a great challenge to have that."

Could the Loom be partially responsible for what appears to be an upcoming episode where the team is sent careening through TV history, with homages to Star Trek and Friends, among others? While it seems like the easiest explanation, it's not as though the Legends have not already encountered plenty of reality-warping artifacts in their travels.

Regardless, Richardson-Sellers told us that she's happy to nail down some backstory for Charlie, and was happy that her tortured past actually informed quite a lot about what we knew about the character before this season.


"I think it explains everything in terms of why she was the way she was," Richardson-Sellers said. "Sometimes she comes across as this careless bravado, but actually it's rooted in deep-seated fear, trauma, and being on the run. And that constant sense of, 'Are they going to find me? Are they going to catch up with me?' for thousands of years. I think bringing it back to the human, and being able to dive into a really human relationship with family, and what happens when family turns against each other -- it's so much fun to play, because it adds different layers and textures for the character. And I think that it's also really enjoyable for the audience as well, because you see those other sides of Charlie, and see what she does in different situations. And to see how she gets scared, and actually see the vulnerable side of her for the first time."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow will return tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, after an episode of The Flash.