Lost in Space Season 2 Trailer Released

Netflix has released the season 2 trailer for Lost in Space - or rather, Netflix has finally released the season 2 trailer for Lost in Space. The show aired back in April 2018, and things were relatively quiet when it came to season 2. Lost in Space lived up to its title by sending the Robinson family to a strange new galaxy. As you can see above, Lost in Space season 2 will be bringing more sci-fi adventure than we saw in season 1 - and plenty of new dangers, as well. As we saw at the end of season 1.

We also get a premiere date for Lost In Space 2: Netflix will be streaming new episodes starting on December 24th, Christmas Eve. A lot of fans now have the perfect Christmas binge to keep them occupied!

Synopsis: Now stranded even deeper in space, the Robinsons band together to explore strange planets, face down new dangers and find their beloved Robot.

Based on the trailer footage it's clear that The Robinson's (and engineer Don West) don't have an easy landing after making the jump to another galaxy in the season 1 finale. Their ship is stuck on an ocean planet, bringing us right back to a controversy from J.J. Abrams Star Trek and Star Wars films (Into Darkness and The Rise of Skywalker, respectively), which is: how does a spaceship operate in and/or under water? The Robinsons look like they'll be using some actual science to get out of that one.

However, the larger problem is that The Robinson's need the mysterious robot that Will befriended in season 1, in order to get themselves back to their own galaxy. However, the robot is nowhere to be found, but other deadly members of its race are on the prowl - as are other strange creatures that are lurking throughout this new galaxy.


If nothing else, this new season of Lost In Space looks like it will hew even closer to the true nature and spirit of the original series, without losing the modern edge. Good way to fill between Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's release, and the big return of Star Trek to TV in 2020.

Lost in Space Season 2 premieres on Netflix on December 24th.