Lovecraft Country Star "Believes" There Will be a Season Two

After ending on a bit of a cliffhanger back in October of last year there's still been no official word if the HBO series Lovecraft Country will return for a second season or not. Head of the premium cable network Casey Bloys previously said that he was "very hopeful" it would happen, even revealing that series creator and showrunner Misha Green was working with a team of writers to conceive of a take for a potential new season. There's still no word on what will happen, but in a new interview series star Michael K. Williams reiterated hope for a second season and said be "believes" it will occur.

"Whatever the outcome will be, I'll have to be all right with it because I have no bearing on that aspect of the world, but I feel very hopeful that there will be a Season 2," Williams told Collider. "I know that show took a lot out of me, so I can only imagine what the writers must have gone through for three years. I came in for eight or nine months, and that was the final part of the process for that. In all actuality, Lovecraft Country took about three years to get it to the point where they were ready for the actors to come on set. It's heavy stuff. It's heavy lifting and a lot of that lifting is done in the writers' room. I do believe that there will be a Season 2, but when? Who knows."

The outlet noted that the first season fully adapted the Matt Ruff novel that it was based on, leaving the writers without a potential blueprint for a new batch of episodes. Williams addressed this as well, adding: "It is exciting, honestly, because it's a reveal. It's a big surprise. I guess I can speak for my castmates, we're like, 'What are you gonna do now?' We don't know. It's exciting to wonder what they're conjuring up in the writers' room. It's very exciting."

Green and HBO's Bloys agree with the later addressing the same new playground for a potential season two in a talk with Deadline, adding: "She had a book to go on in the first season, she and the writers wanted to go off and take some time to go out and figure out without a book with these characters, what's the journey we want to go on. We all want to be sure she's got a story to tell. That's where she is right now, working on those ideas. I'm very hopeful, as is Misha, so we're giving them the time to work."


The first season of Lovecraft Country is currently streaming on HBO Max.