The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers' New Cast Descriptions Tease the Series' Future Without Emilio Estevez

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers is officially returning for a second season, as Disney+ renewed the hit sports dramedy for a sophomore effort last year. However, the show will be coming back without its most recognizable character, as Emilio Estevez will not be reprising his role as Gordon Bombay in Season 2. There's no way to completely replace Bombay in the Mighty Ducks franchise, but Game Changers is bringing in some brand new characters in Season 2 that could help take the story in a new direction.

This week, The DisInsider revealed six new characters that are currently being cast for Game Changers Season 2. One of the new additions is a series regular, meaning they'll be a main character in each episode of the season. The new series regular for Season 2 is reportedly a character named Ryder Cole, a former hockey phenom with a bad attitude. 

The other new characters on this call sheet are recurring guest characters, but there's no telling just yet exactly how many episodes they'll be taking part in.

Here are the full descriptions for the new characters, per DisInisder:

  • Ryder Cole (SERIES REGULAR): 15-year-old male of white or mixed (half-white) ethnicity. A rebellious stud with a bad-boy attitude. Once a hockey phenom, a recent meltdown from the intense pressure has caused a glitch in his shot and made him hate the game he used to love. He has no interest in being a part of the hard-core hockey institute that his father runs.
  • Shane Lawrence (RECURRING GUEST STAR): 16-year-old male. "Lawrence" is a god-like teen athlete with a great smile and great hair who is only interested in himself. This superstar player is the socially awkward Koob's intimidating roommate for the summer.
  • Marni (RECURRING GUEST STAR): Female, in her 30s-50s. A slightly overwhelmed and unconfident administrative assistant, she's scared of her boss and wouldn't dare cross him but doesn't fit in at a high-intensity hockey institute. She used to run a Nature Center.
  • Jackie (RECURRING GUEST STAR): Female, in her 30s-40s. The incredibly jacked Strength and Conditioning coach, she's tough and challenges the kids, but has a sensitive side.
  • Toby (RECURRING GUEST STAR): Male, in his 30s-40s. The Coach of the "Mind Gym" where the team goes to work on the mental aspects of hockey. Very smart and a bit odd, with a sharp-eyed intensity.
  • Rufus (RECURRING GUEST STAR): Male, in his 40s-50s. A chipper and energetic Nutrition couch who loves his job and loves teaching kids how to eat healthy (maybe a little too much).

Are you excited for the second season of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers? How do you think the show will move forward without Bombay? Let us know in the comments!