ComicBook Nation: Did Moon Knight's Premiere Deliver? Morbius Reviews & WWE WrestleMania 38

The CB Nation crew discusses Moon Knight's big premiere and if it delivered as well as the Will Smith slap heard around the world. We also discuss Morbius' brutal reviews and give our reviews of Halo episode 2 and iCarly season 2, followed by a huge preview of WWE's biggest event of the year WrestleMania 38, and then we close out with this week's biggest Marvel and DC Comics!

Here's what we had to say in our Morbius Review

Moon Knight is a massive show, packed to the brim with excellent character moments. It does an excellent job of introducing the title character to the masses, and clips along at a brisk pace (even though it has some of Disney+'s longest run times). Isaac is a perfect addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he handles the role with extreme care. 

Here's what we had to say in our Moon Knight Review

Morbius has the worst sequel-bait for a movie in years, featuring an abrupt conclusion that feels like reshoots and pre-viz have become intertwined. Fans eager for connectivity to other Marvel movies and Spider-Man will also be greeted with perhaps the most hastily planned attempt at a tease that will only cause headache-inducing speculation. Spoiler alert: it's leading to nothing but confusion, as not even Sony knows what they're doing with it. The best possibility here is for none of us to ever find out what would happen next, because, frankly, who cares?

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