A Surprise Netflix Hit Might Become The Most Watched Show Of All Time On The Platform

Netflix Users Never Expected This International Hit Show Would be the Streamer's Top-Performer.

Netflix's surprise hit series may become the most-watched show of all time on the streaming platform! The Netflix Korean-language series Squid Game started streaming on September 17th, and industry forecasts are now predicting that it will overtake Shonda Rhimes' Bridgerton series as the most-watched series. Neftlix's co-CEO Ted Sarandos has indicated that Squid Game could indeed be the biggest non-English series of all time on the platform  ("[there's] a very good chance it's going to be our biggest show ever"). That's a milestone claim, as Netflix's Spanish-language series Money Heist previously held the crown, and is a well-measured hit. 

As of now, Netflix has not yet released the official ratings data on Squid Game - which is nothing new for anyone familiar with the company's protocols. An official record of ratings based on home viewership for Squid Game is expected to be released in mid-October. Still, the fact that Squid Game has been sitting at no. 1 in Netflix's rankings in 80 countries - a pretty sure sign that the show is indeed as big a hit as they come for Netflix. 

Squid Game is titled after the Korean children's game of the same name. The show is "a story of people who fail at life for various reasons, but suddenly receive a mysterious invitation to participate in a survival game to win more than 38 million US dollars. The game takes place at an unknown location and the participants are locked up until there is a final winner. The story will incorporate popular children's games from the 1970s and 1980s of Korea, such as squid game, literal translation of its Korean name, which is a type of tag where offense and defense use a squid-shaped board drawn in the dirt."

(Photo: NETFLIX)

Of course, even if Squid Game becomes Netflix's biggest hit, there's no guarantee (yet) that fans will get to see more of it: 

"I don't have well-developed plans for 'Squid Game 2," said Squid Game writer/director Hwang Dong-hyuk told Variety about a second season. "It is quite tiring just thinking about it. But if I were to do it, I would certainly not do it alone. I'd consider using a writers' room and would want multiple experienced directors."

Squid Game is currently streaming on Netflix.