New Jamie Foxx TV Series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Gets First Netflix Trailer

Jamie Foxx and Netflix have revealed the official trailer for their latest collaboration, the new [...]

Jamie Foxx and Netflix have revealed the official trailer for their latest collaboration, the new sitcom series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! The new series premieres on April 13 on the streaming service and features Foxx working with his real-life daughter behind the scenes as both he and the 27-year-old Corinne Foxx are executive producers. The new series also reunites Foxx with his former In Living Color co-star David Alan Grier, other co-stars include Kyla-Drew as Sasha (Foxx's daughter in the series), plus Heather Hemmens, Jonathan Kite, Porscha Coleman, and Valente Rodriguez. Foxx will also seemingly play multiple roles too.

The official description for Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, per Netflix, reads: "Brian Dixon (Jamie Foxx), successful business owner and bachelor, just became a full-time father to his teenage daughter Sasha (Kyla-Drew). Determined to be the best father he can be, Brian's going to need all the help he can get from his dad (David Alan Grier) and sister (Porscha Coleman) — and Sasha's going to need all the help she can get learning how to deal with her new, lovingly chaotic. Full of heart and humor, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me is inspired by Foxx's real-life relationship with daughter Corinne Foxx, who also serves as executive producer. The multi-cam sitcom reunites Foxx with showrunner Bentley Kyle Evans (The Jamie Foxx Show) and is directed by Ken Whittingham (black-ish)."

The new series is loosely based on the "true life tales" that Foxx's daughter claims to have previously only revealed to her diary.

"My dad and I have been telling these stories for years, whether we've been in interviews together or just at dinner," Corinne said in a statement. "We've always loved reliving these memories and laughing about them. While I don't have the physical diary anymore, these moments were so unforgettable."

"I just thought that that line alone, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, was intriguing," the elder Foxx said about returning to television for the series. "And people know my daughter and I have a great relationship. Two, I love TV. There's nothing like television. Like, you could do a movie and it's so many people involved and it comes out and you're like "Man, that ain't what they said it was gonna look like." So, the process is just different. But being on TV, there's a lifeline that you just cannot duplicate anywhere else."

The series marks another major pillar for the collaborative history between the Oscar winning Foxx and Netflix. Previously the pair collaborated on the 2020 superhero movie Project Power with Foxx currently filming the upcoming sci-fi comedy They Cloned Tyrone with John Boyega and Teyonah Parris for the streamer. Back in October it was confirmed that Foxx would also star in the vampire thriller titled Day Shift at Netflix too.