Netflix Releases The Umbrella Academy and The Sparrow Academy Posters

The next season of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy still isn't due out for another few weeks, but Netflix is getting a leg up on advertising the series. Weeks after unveiling the first teaser of the season, the streamer has also unveiled a set of new posters of the show's warring academies for those with superhuman abilities.

Monday, Netflix unveiled posters for both the eponymous group of character as well as The Sparrow Academy, a group of characters introduced in the closing moments of the show's second season. See the posters for yourself below.

For the third outing, Netflix is giving the series a TV-MA rating, a more explicit banner as compared to the past two TV-14 ratings. According TV Parental Guidlines, a TV-MA rating is for "unsuitable for children under 17" and can contain "crude indecent language (L), explicit sexual activity (S), or graphic violence (V)." Judging by the source material the series is based on, it appears the show's third season will depart from that with its new rating.

"I am very close with Gerard and Gabriel, so I pitch them the season before I do it, let them know what I'm doing," series showrunner Steve Blackman previously told "They're very kind and they're pitching me where they're going in the next volumes, and you know, the two mediums are sort of crossing over now, sometimes they're looking at something I do and say, we should put that in the graphic novel, and they're saying, well, why don't you do this in the show. We accept they're sort of different things, but we love any times we can find these crossovers. But I have a good sense of where they're going, I have an idea of where I want to go, and we're sort of working together to get to that happy place. But I don't want to get ahead of them. I love what they do. So hopefully if it times out, it never will."  

The Umbrella Academy will return with season three  on June 22nd.


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