No 'Scream Queens' or '24' Spinoffs in Current Fox Plans

Earlier this week, Ryan Murphy got the hopes up of many fans by teasing the possible return of Scream Queens. Unfortunately, if the show is coming back, it won't be for a while.

According to Deadline, Charlie Collier, the new CEO of Fox Entertainment, told the TCA corps "there are no plans right now on Scream Queens." Same goes for another 24 spin-off. At the last TCA, Fox TV group chairman and CEOs Gary Newman and Dana Walden teased the possibility of more 24, but Collier "wasn't ready to announce anything new today."

The good news? Scream Queens and 24 are not being ruled out. Collier made it clear Fox takes "Ryan Murphy seriously when he wants to build something." He also made it known that the company has "much admiration" for the 24 series' creator, Howard Gordon.

The news of a possible Scream Queens revival hit fans on Sunday when Ryan Murphy asked his Instagram followers what they'd like to see in a potential revival.

To make matters even more exciting, Emma Roberts and Lea Michele both commented on the post. Roberts played the queen bee, Chanel Oberlin, in the series while Michele portrayed the weirdo, Hester Ulrich AKA Chanel #6, who was always wearing a neck brace and calling everyone "mom."

"Long live Chanel," Roberts wrote.

"Long live Hester," Michele added.

Scream Queens had a star-studded cast, and audiences would be thrilled to see any of them return. In addition to Roberts and Michele, the series starred Billie Lourd, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, and Jamie Lee Curtis. The show also featured Ariana Grande, Glenn Powell, John Stamos, Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Oliver Hudson, Kirstie Alley, and Niecy Nash. Basically, the cast list is proof that the series deserves a second chance.


While the fate of 24 is still in question, the series has gotten a couple chances at a revival already. The Kiefer Sutherland-led series ran from 2001-2010 and then had a reprieve with a 12-episode mini-series, 24: Live Another Day, in 2014. In 2016, 24: Legacy began. The new series didn't feature Sutherland and only lasted one season before being cancelled by Fox.

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