NOS4A2 Author Addresses Possible Spinoff Stories

nos4a2 series maggie leigh jahkara smith
(Photo: AMC)

As evidenced with both The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, AMC has a habit of taking a flagship series that connects with fans and expanding the franchise with spinoffs, prequels, and sequels, with NOS4A2 author Joe Hill noting that, regardless of what the network might have planned with their live-action adaptation of the novel, he already had plans to develop a spinoff of Maggie Leigh's adventures. As far as whether or not AMC would be interested in pursuing such an endeavor, he could see some of the characters who were created specifically for this adaptation offering an opportunity to expand the world of the series.

"Well before there was ever a TV show, I planned to tell another story about Maggie Leigh called 'The Crooked Alley,' which takes place before the events in NOS4A2," Hill revealed to "It would be interesting to write now because my view of the character has been radically changed by Jahkara Smith. I so love Jahkara's performance as Maggie that I feel like it's more interesting than the version in the book."

He added, "So in terms of the work on paper, I think there might be room to revisit that world and these characters at some point in some fashion. But I also think AMC could do the same if they want and if there's an audience appetite for it. That was part of the point of spending time in Parnassus in Season Two to meet Old Snake and The Hourglass."

Both Hill and showrunner Jami O'Brien have teased that the proper NOS4A2 series will only be adapting the source material and chronicle the encounters between Vic McQueen and Charlie Manx, but the fantastical nature and rich mythology of the world that has been created could allow opportunities to explore other characters.

"I think that Joe created a really vast world in his novel," O'Brien shared with earlier this year. "He hinted at a much bigger world than the world of Charlie and Vic. Though the novel is about Charlie and Vic, he hints that there are lots of other strong creatives and Inscapes in the world of the novel that extend beyond the novel. And so I really love working on the show. I really love the book. I love the whole idea of strong creatives and Inscapes. I think that there is absolutely a world in which that's expanded. I think it depends on how successful our show is and what AMC's appetite is for more NOS4A2, but I certainly would be up for it."


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