Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi Producers on The Mandalorian Character Crossovers

These are not the cameos you're looking for: Star Wars producers say you shouldn't expect to see characters from The Mandalorian crossover into Obi-Wan Kenobi. The limited series takes place a decade after Obi-Wan (Ewan McGregor) and Darth Vader's (Hayden Christensen) fiery duel in Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, long before bounty hunter Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) forms his bond with Grogu in The Mandalorian in 9 ABY. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lucasfilm president and producer Kathleen Kennedy and Obi-Wan director Deborah Chow had this to say when asked about rumored character crossovers

"All of that falls within the Mandalorian timeline," Kennedy said, referring to the timeline primarily set five years after Return of the Jedi. Added Chow, "The strongest connective tissue for us is to the prequels, because that's where our characters are coming from and that's where their stories started. So, really, the prequels are the most connected to our series."

Connected to characters like a young Luke Skywalker's Uncle Owen (Joel Edgerton) and Aunt Beru (Bonnie Piesse), who appeared in 2002's Episode II – Attack of the Clones and 2005's Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. Prequel-era characters who could appear in Obi-Wan Kenobi include Senator Bail Organa (Jimmy Smits), the adoptive father of Luke's twin sister Leia Organa, and Obi-Wan's late teacher Jedi Master Qui-Gonn Jinn (Liam Neeson). 

"I was so excited to bring them back," Chow said of Edgerton and Piesse. "Part of what made the series feel very special is that we were bringing back not only Ewan and Hayden, but people like Joel and Bonnie from 20 years ago and getting to reunite as the same characters."

In Obi-Wan Kenobi, the story begins 10 years after the dramatic events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith where Kenobi faced his greatest defeat: the downfall and corruption of his best friend and Jedi apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, turned evil Sith Lord Darth Vader. Also starring Kumail Nanjiani, Sung Kang, O'Shea Jackson Jr., Moses Ingram, Indira Varma, Rupert Friend, Simone Kessell, Benny Safdie, Bonnie Piesse, and Joel Edgerton, Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi is streaming May 25 on Disney+.

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