Outer Banks Season 4 Wraps Filming

Netflix's Outer Banks has completed production on its next season.

The Pogues are one step closer to their highly anticipated Netflix return! Teen drama series Outer Banks was something of a sleeper hit for Netflix back in 2020, riding online buzz and word of mouth to become one of Netflix's most popular hits at the time. The momentum continued through its next two seasons, keeping Outer Banks near the top of Netflix's charts. It's been almost a year and a half since Season 3 of the series was released, and there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone waiting on Season 4.

Outer Banks was renewed for a fourth season back before Season 3 had even been released on Netflix. Some may have found it strange, given the events of Season 3 and how they tie a neat bow around some major plot points, but the final minutes teased a new adventure for the Pogues. Now, even though there still isn't an official release date for the upcoming season, production on the next installment has officially wrapped.

The Outer Banks Instagram account shared a video from the set of the series, with star Chase Stokes announcing the completion of production.

"Alright guys, we have officially wrapped Season 4 of Outer Banks," Stokes says in the video. "It has been a crazy, crazy journey. But it's done."

The video also features the rest of the core Outer Banks cast, all joking about working in post-production to edit the new season and provide the sound effects. Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, J.D., and Carlacia Grant all appear in the video to celebrate the wrapping of Season 4.

What Is Outer Banks Season 4 About?

Netflix hasn't released any concrete information about Outer Banks Season 4 just yet, but the Season 3 finale of the series did tease the show's next storyline.

At the conclusion of Season 3, both Big John and Ward died in the jungles of South America, looking for the treasure they had spent years searching for. What the young Pogues found in the jungle ultimately went into a museum, but a flash-forward 18 months to the day they were honored by the museum revealed a new mission for the group. They were approached by a wealthy man who heard of their exploits and brought up another long-lost treasure he thought they might be able to track down — one connected to the infamous pirate Blackbeard.