Pixar's Win or Lose Series Debuts First Look, Reveals Will Forte Casting

Pixar is coming to television. The iconic animation studio has focused entirely on short and feature-length films ever since its inception, but it's now making its way into the TV space. The recently released Cars on the Road is Pixar's first official series, but the episodes are essentially just individual shorts. Next year, Pixar will be bringing its first longform TV series to life, with the debut of Win or Lose.

Win or Lose is about a kids softball team, and it will be debuting on Disney+ in 2023. During Friday's panel at D23, Pixar revealed the first look at Win or Lose, giving fans a glimpse at many of its main characters. Take a look!

In addition to the first look, Pixar revealed that Will Forte has been cast as Coach Dan, bringing a voice to what appears to be one of the show's biggest characters. The series comes from Michael Yates, Carrie Hobson, and David Lally.

During the panel, Pixar revealed that Win or Lose will be about a middle school softball team leading up to their biggest game. Each episode will follow the story of one of the players, being told from their perspective. It's unclear whether or not Coach Dan will have his own episode or if he will just appear in all of his player's stories.

"It's not so much about softball as it is a comedy about love, rivalry, and the challenges we all face in our struggles to win at life," Pixar studio head Pete Docter said last year when Win or Lose was first announced.

At this time, Win or Lose doesn't have a specific release date. All Pixar as mentioned so far is that the show will be premiering on Disney+ at some point in 2023. More details will likely arrive in the coming months.

What do you think about Pixar's first longform series? Are you excited to check it out next year? Let us know in the comments!