'Roswell, New Mexico' Comic-Con Trailer Released

The CW debuted a new trailer for their new show Roswell, New Mexico at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this weekend.

The upcoming show is a reboot of The WB/UPN Roswell, which in turn was an adaptation of the Roswell High series of novels. However, while the original Roswell series featured the characters as teenagers, Roswell, New Mexico will feature the characters as adults.

As the name of the series suggests, Roswell, New Mexico is set in Roswell, the site of an alleged UFO crash in the 1940s. In the TV show, three aliens in pods were found in the crash, but the aliens didn't emerge until the modern day. The three aliens assumed human lives, and tried to stay hidden from authorities...something that gradually more complicated as the series progressed.

The central relationship of the series is between Max (an alien) and Liz (a human). In Roswell, New Mexico, Liz is the daughter of undocumented immigrants and returns to Roswell as an adult. She reconnects with her high school sweetheart Max, who's now a police officer/sheriff. However, Liz discovers Max's secret when she's shot and he uses his alien powers to save her. Not only does Liz discover Max's secret, she also becomes psychically connected to him, which complicates their relationship even further.

Jeanine Mason stars as Liz and Nathan Parsons stars as Max. Lily Cowles and Michael Vlamis will play Max's alien siblings Isobel and Michael. Tyler Blackburn, Michael Trevino, Heather Hemmons, and Karan Oberoi will also star in the series.


The CW plans to use Roswell, New Mexico as a mid-season entry for their 2018-2019 season, which likely means that the show won't air until early 2019. However, they clearly have high expectations for the reboot, although fans of the original Roswell are divided about their beloved series coming back for a second go.