Ryan Reynolds' Mint Mobile Reveals Company's Answer to Super Bowl Ad

Ryan Reynolds' mobile company Mint Mobile is back with another charming advertisement, but with the Super Bowl approaching in just a few days one might wonder if they'd be springing for the big money considering the widespread acclaim of their commercials. Turns out, no. Reynolds took to Twitter to reveal their new ad, a full page newspaper spread which opens up about their decision not to advertise during the "big game" like so many other mobile companies will choose to do, noting that they'd rather spend their money on making sure their customers networks are worth it. Plus they upped everyone's data limit at no cost!

"It's Groundhog Day and here we go again: this Sunday, giant wireless companies will spend more than $5 million dollars for a 30-second commercial," the ad, seemingly written by Reynolds, reads. "Now, I'm new to the whole 'owning a wireless company' thing, but I'm guessing expenditures like that may be a reason they charge customers so much. At Mint, we prefer ads that don't kick you in the wallet. Hence this sensibly-priced newspaper ad as well as the news that we're upping the data limits on all our plants. At no extra charge. For new and existing customers. It doesn't have quite the production value of the ads you will see on Sunday. Just way more value for you."

Reynolds' Mint Mobile isn't the only one sitting out the Super Bowl on Sunday with Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi all previously announcing they wouldn't advertise during the game, instead directing more funding to COVID-related efforts. Speaking of the Super Bowl though, you can stream the game totally for free this Sunday on CBS Sports.

Though not as flashy as some of the Mint Mobile ads that have been online, Reynolds has maintained a consistently surprising pace with the company's advertising ethos. Previously the Deadpool star appeared alongside Paul Revere’s descendant Avery Revere, using their family's notoriety in American history to make a big announcement for the company. The other major commercial featured none other than Ghostbusters, Spaceballs, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Rick Moranis, who came out of retirement to appear in the ad.

In an interview with Adweek, Reynolds opened up about the process that he and his collaborators go through to create their unique ads for his companies (Mint Mobile, Aviation Gin, and Maximum Effort). The actor said that they organically reach a lot of people by knowing what people share and how to fit into a conversation.