Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's Wrexham A.F.C. Gets Promoted for Second Straight Year

Ryan Reynolds celebrates Wrexham getting promoted after an amazing performance.

Ryan Reynolds's football club has been promoted again and it's a wild story. Wrexham AFC is the name of the franchise owned by the Deadpool star and Rob McElhenney. When the two actors decided to buy Wrexhan's beloved little club, some people believed it was a publicity stunt. However, the players and their fans have rallied to become a truly inspiring story. This year was Wrexham's first one back in EFL in ages. So, while it was a cinderella run, not many were expecting a repeat promotion after a disappointing season opening loss to MK Dons. However, his club battled and now finds themselves in League One after some rivals faltered at the finish line.

Unfortunately, the club's owner could not be there to witness what's sure to be a massive party in Wales. However, he's beyond proud of the efforts of everyone involved. "A few years ago, if you told me I would be crying tears of joy over a football match taking place in North Wales, you would be Rob McElhenney," Reynolds wrote on social media. "Congrats to Wrexham and to my co-chairman in crime. Double up the town! This is the ride of our lives."

A Magical Run For Wrexham

Wrexham v Milton Keynes Dons – Sky Bet League Two – SToK Racecourse
(Photo: Jacob King – PA Images)

Welcome to Wrexham fans are well-acquainted with the club's exploits from the seasons fo the documentary series. Last year, it played out like a sports movie with Wrexham AFC managing to completely the storybook promotion. CBS Sports Golazo! caught up with Ben Foster after the amazing conclusion to their season. The goalkeeper had a monster save in a big spot against Notts County. He told the show that Reynolds and McElhenney had promised the lads something special if they came through for the club. Foster said, "They promised us a big day out. They promised us a monster one. If we get promoted, they promised us somewhere with a lot of fashion life." 

"With the new owners coming in, Rob and Ryan, they've done it professionally. They've built everything up. If you've watched the documentary, little things like, when they first walked in and saw the gym, it's a shambles," Foster would say of returning to his old haunt. "There's basically a medicine ball on the floor and that's about it. Now, it's a fully-functioning professional gym. The lads are in there everyday giving everything they've got."

He added, "It's so cool and it's so weird. They're there quite a lot. Rob is based over here for the next month or two weeks. He's in there every day with the lads. Ryan makes it to about 1 in every three games. But, they're always there in the text messages, the WhatsApp with a "Well done today, we needed that. Fantastic performance.' That's the cool bit."

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